SD13YE Full-Hydraulic Bulldozer


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SD13YE/SD13YS/SD13YR full-hydraulic crawler bulldozer integrates the technologies of proprietary intellectual property rights, including the comprehensive static pressure drive control, low emission engine control, thermal management, and automatic malfunction analysis, to realize high efficiency and intelligentization of the machine. This machine filled the domestic blank, reached the international advanced level, and passed the EU CE and North America certifications.

Technical Features

●The air-air inter-cooled, electronically controlled, and turbocharged diesel engine features outstanding power performance, economy, and durability, with the emission conforming to EPA Tier 3/StageIIIA standard.

●The dual-circuit electronically controlled static pressure drive system automatically adjusts the power output and traveling speed to adapt to the load variation. The tracks on two sides are driven independently to ensure full power output during steering and realize reverse rotation of tracks on two sides. It features completely “continuously variable” speed change to provide best speed for different working conditions.

●The palm commanded electronic control system features accurate, flexible, simple, and comfortable operations, with the left joystick controlling the traveling direction and speed of the machine and the right joystick controlling various motions of the working device.

●High strength chassis structure meets the demands of heavy-load working condition and features high rigidity and durability.

●The integrated intelligent thermal management system realizes the best temperature control and the noise reduction and energy-saving.

●The intelligent service system incorporates automatic malfunction detection and automatic diagnosis functions and provides remote technical support.

●The ROPS/FOPS shock-absorbing cab, the air suspension seat, and the high capacity heating and air conditioning system provide a safe, comfortable, spacious, and quiet operation environment, with broad visual field.

●The modular wheel reducer system features high strength, long service life, and easy maintenances.

●The high capacity, high strength, multi-functional, and adjustable power angle blade is suitable for fine or heavy-load operations, including excavating, backfilling, modeling, and leveling, featuring high rigidity and durability and high production efficiency.


Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper) 4924×3060×2988(SD13YE)4924×3060×2988(SD13YS/YR) Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 12.8 13.4 13.66
Engine model QSB6.7 Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 97/2200
Ground pressure (Mpa) 0.043 0.0334 0.034 Blade type  U-blade
Blade capacity(m3) 3.07 3.39 7.3
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