Rotary Drilling rigs XR120D


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It introduces the back-inclination large triangle structure with stationary luffing support, which is suitable for working conditions of low-tonnage drilling rig, improving the rigidity of working mechanism and enhancing the stability of whole drilling rig while achieving easy transportation;
The imported Kawasaki hydraulic parts can achieve reasonable powertrain matching and high construction efficiency;
The imported Cummins engine can minimize fuel consumption with the help of two optional accelerator control modes;
The working amplitude of auxiliary winch is increased, which can hoist light and small objects and save cost as well;
The main winch is designed with a high displacement motor, achieving more sensitive response and more reliable working and also getting rid of the difficulty in earth dumping for pile holes of small diameter;
The standard reducer joint can adjust drill rod combination according to actual conditions, thus effectively reducing fuel consumption and improving construction efficiency;
It introduces the proprietary intelligent control system, CAN bus and PLC, including automatic/manual adjustment of drilling mast verticality, depth automatic detection and display, intelligent fault diagnosis and control.


Project Unit Parameter
Max.Drilling Diameter
Uncased (mm) φ1300
Cased (mm) -
Max.Drilling Depth (m) 44
Working condition L × W × H (mm) 7175×3400×16800
Transportation condition L × W × H (mm) 12580×3400×3360
Overall Drilling Weight (t) 40
Model - CUMMINS B5.9-C
Rated Power (kW) 112/1950
Hydraulic System
Working pressure (MPa) 32
Rotary Drive
Max. output torque (kN.m) 120
Rotary speed (r/min) 6~28
Spin off speed (r/min)
Pull-Down Cylinder
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) 120
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) 120
Max.pull-down piston stroke (mm) 3500
Crowd Winch
Max.pull-down piston push (kN)
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN)
Max. pull-down piston stroke (mm)
Main Winch
Max.pulling force (kN) 100
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 70
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 24
Auxiliary Winch
Max. Pulling force (kN) 45
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 70
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 16
Drilling mast
Left/right inclination of mast (°) 42432
Front inclination of mast (°) 5
Rotary table slewing angle (°) 360
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 3.2
Max.grade ability (%) 40
Track shoe width (mm) 700
Distance between tracks (mm) 3400
The length of crawler (mm) 3650
Average ground pressure (kPa) 73.6

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