Rotary Drilling rigs XR150DⅢ


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It adopts the dedicated hydraulic retractable crawler chassis and large diameter slewing bearing to provide extraordinary stability and transport convenience.


It adopts the Cummins electric control turbo-supercharged engine to provide strong power and conformity with Euro III emission standard.


With the hydraulic pressure system adopted threshold power control and negative flow control,the system acquired high efficiency and higher energy conservation.


Using single rope winding, effectively solve the steel wire rope wear problem, improve the life of wire rope; And drill deep detection device is setted in main winding,single rope to make deep inspection more accurate.

The whole machine design meet the requirements of the CE directive, safety guarantee, construction safer.

The standard centralized lubrication system, maintenance more convenient.


Several drilling rod configurations with different specification are available for efficient construction on different layers.

The detachable unit head drive key can provide easy maintenance and replacement.



Project Unit Parameter
Max.Drilling Diameter
Uncased (mm) φ1500
Cased (mm) -
Max.Drilling Depth (m) 56
Working condition L × W × H (mm) 7550×4200×19040
Transportation condition L × W × H (mm) 13150×2960×3140
Overall Drilling Weight (t) 49
Model - CUMMINS QSB7-C202
Rated Power (kW) 150/2050
Hydraulic System
Working pressure (MPa) 35
Rotary Drive
Max. output torque (kN.m) 150
Rotary speed (r/min) 7~33
Spin off speed (r/min)
Pull-Down Cylinder
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) 120
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) 160
Max.pull-down piston stroke (mm) 3500
Crowd Winch
Max.pull-down piston push (kN)
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN)
Max. pull-down piston stroke (mm)
Main Winch
Max.pulling force (kN) 160
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 72
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 26
Auxiliary Winch
Max. Pulling force (kN) 50
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 60
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 16
Drilling mast
Left/right inclination of mast (°) 42432
Front inclination of mast (°) 5
Rotary table slewing angle (°) 360
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 2.5
Max.grade ability (%) 40
Track shoe width (mm) 700
Distance between tracks (mm) 2960~4200
The length of crawler (mm) 4310
Average ground pressure (kPa) 83

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