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SD32-8 bulldozer is the first product of Shantuixin SD-8 series of high performance hydraulic mechanical bulldozers. It meets the emission requirements of EPATier 4F/EU Stage IV. It is one of the representatives of advanced technology of Shantuixin bulldozers. It has the characteristics of excellent production performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, safety, comfort, intelligence and high efficiency. The equipment has high productivity and low operating cost. It is an indispensable high-performance mechanical equipment in the construction of mines and water conservancy projects.

Modularity is more efficient.

Power, transmission, chassis and other systems are modular design, easy to control cleanliness, easy to maintain components. Module buffer installation, block vibration transmission, improve reliability and comfort. The modular final transmission of planetary deceleration has small volume and large speed ratio, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, and is favored by foreign users.

Floating walking is more reliable

The X-type suspension supporting wheels are always in contact with the chain rail, increasing the caterpillar grounding area and increasing the traction force of vehicles under complex road surface. Rubber shock absorber reduces the rigid impact of the ground on the whole machine, and improves the durability of components and driving comfort.

Lower emissions, stronger power

Adopting electronic controlled engine, the emission reaches EPA Tier 4 final/EU Stage IV standard. The power is increased by 9% and the torque is increased by 17%. By optimizing the matching of the whole machine, the power is stronger.

High efficiency, more energy saving

Adopting advanced post-processing devices such as SCR and DPF with high efficiency, the heat dissipation power can be reduced by about 20% and the energy consumption can be effectively reduced. New automatic downshift function, strong load adaptability, high efficiency. New functions of automatic idling and idling extinguishing are added to reduce idling energy consumption and save more energy.

Easy to maintain, smarter

Visual monitoring and diagnosis system, display with heating function, can collect multi-channel sensor signals, add monitoring parameters such as post-processing (DEF temperature, liquid level) to realize on-line fault diagnosis, which is convenient and fast. The temperature control system adds fan reversal function, which makes it more convenient to clean the radiator core. Centralized maintenance on the left rear side optimizes the maintenance window and makes maintenance more convenient.

Easy to operate, more comfortable

Electrically controlled walking control system is adopted to make the operation more comfortable. It adopts air suspension seat, three-dimensional air outlet and fresh air exchange system to make driving more comfortable. One-in-one roll-proof cab with better vision

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