XCMG Schwing PC-Type Smart Mixing Plant was Successfully Developed

Recently, a new product independently developed by XCMG Schwing – PC-type smart mixing plant has been successfully put into production and is under installation now. This mixing plant is customized by XCMG Schwing for its customer China State Construction Engineering Corporation, and will be used in concrete production on the industrial production line of new-type construction of PC residence.PC refers to “prefabricated concrete structure”, a kind of concrete structure with prefabricated concrete member as the main material and formed through assembly, connection and partial cast-in-situ. The PC-type smart mixing plant developed by XCMG Schwing is an important device in the production line of PC members. It adopts three innovative technologies and over 10 patented technologies. This product applies smart control technology. Except for functions of traditional mixing plant like automatic loading and measurement, it can also control the automatic positioning of the transfer trolley, thus realizing accurate material distribution at multiple points and multiple production lines, which can effectively reduce labor cost and improve the production efficiency. The loading and production of the complete machine applies “X” type spatial arrangement creatively. Two paths are under cross operation, which can reduce 40% of land coverage compared with traditional forms. The design of the whole plant is perfectly integrated with the existing workshops, realizing seamless connection. At the same time, this product applies unique environmental protection optimizing measures, through full-enclosing design of the belt conveyor and the main building, thus realizing green production. The discharge device applies double-layer anti-drip design, so that the slurry dripping off the discharge opening can be fully recovered, thus realizing zero release of slurry. In addition, this product can be used for two purposes, as a fixed production line or as a mixer for material collection. Through cooperation among the transfer trolley, the rotary hopper and the mixer, the concrete can be loaded outside the production line, which is very efficient and convenient.This product inherits the gold standard of “leading technology and super durability” and will serve in the first production plant of PC members of Xuzhou. It will definitely change the construction method in the field of housing construction, start a reformation in construction technologies in Huaihai Region, and show the quality and charm of XCMG products together with the owner.


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