Mining trucks TL84 series

TL84 series

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1. Mature technology, stable performance, low purchase cost, high operating profits, and short ROI period.
2. Loading capacity is 30% higher than on-road vehicle of the same power range under off-road work conditions.
3. Specific product configurations designed for different work conditions achieves the optimal match between operating capabilities and benefits.


Model TL841 TL843 TL848
Engine WD615.50 with WEVB WD12.336 with WEVB/WD615.69 WD12.375
Engine power 213Kw(290Ps/2200rpm) 247Kw(336Ps/2200rpm) 276Kw(375Ps/2200rpm)
Wheelbase 3400mm+1400mm 3600mm+1750mm
Capacity (standard) 19m3 20m3
Lifting mechanism Single cylinder lifts at the front of the compartment, max. tipping angle 53°
Lifting time ≤20S
Max. speed 42km/h 56km/h
Max. gradeability 41% 30%
Turning radius(front axle center)/(body side) 10.5m 10.2m
Min. ground clearance(front axle) 350mm 650mm
Approach/departure angle 31°/51° 40°/59°
L×W×H 8133mm×3113mm×3266mm 8713mm×3210mm×3703mm
Complete vehicle kerb mass 22000kg 22000kg
Payload capacity 30000kg 30000kg
Max. designed weight 52000kg 52000kg
Drive mode 6×4 6×6
Tires 14.00-20 18.00-25

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