Horizontal directional drillers XZ320E


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1.Hydraulic pilot control, provide comfortable operating performance and flexible regulation, first-class brand of hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of the machine hydraulic system.

2.Carriage and clamp use double floating patented technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread, increase the service life of the drill pipe.

3.High-speed sliding systems, Piston Motor to achieve high and low sliding speed of carriage, increasing the ability to adapt the machine working conditions, promote construction efficiency.

4. Optional Pipe loader,drilling box can accommodate 40 pieces of drill pipes,ensure one time reached 120 meters,efficient automation construction,reduce construction costs and labor intensity.

5.Support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can option configuration with the automatic (semi-automatic) drill pipe handling device, automatic anchoring system, cab, air conditioning wind, cold start, freezing mud, mud washing, mud throttling and other devices, can also be optioned more Eco Saving  cummins with EU Stage ⅢA.


Project Unit Parameter
Type Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C205
Rated power (kW/r/min) 153/2200
Max thrust-pull force (kN) 345
thrust-pull speed (m/min) 25
Torque (N·m) 12600
Max spindle speed (r/min) 140
Mud pump
Max Flow rate (L/min) 320
Max pressure (MPa) 8
Pipe (mm×m) φ73×3
Loader Crane
Lifting weight (t)
Loading capacity (t•m)
Max inclination angle (°) 20
Max backreamer diameter (mm) φ800
Weight (t) 10
Dimension (mm) 6200×2250×2450
Remark Optional:Ⅰ.Cab;Ⅱ.Air-condition;Ⅲ.Full-automatic pipeloader;Ⅳ.Semi-automatic pipeloader;Ⅴ.Single

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