Horizontal directional drillers XZ5000


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1. Equipped with closed energy-saving circuit, load sensing control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced technology, Using the international famous brand components, reliable quality.

2. Rack and pinion sliding, ensure the stability and drive operational reliability of the Rotation box. Rotation box floating can greatly protect the drill pipe threads, improving the service life of drill pipe.

3. Volvo high horsepower engine is adopted to ensure that the drilling rig can complicated geological conditions.

4. Dual power system. Any engine start can complete all the action of the vehicle. Cummins Engine, powerful, ample power reserves to meet drill construction in different working conditions.

5. Full floating vise, shackles torque, clamping and reliable.

6. Drill rotation and push and pull all adopt digital pressure adjustment technology. Convenient adjustment and reliable and can be preset.

7. Numerical meter display the working torque, push or pull force and so on parametric in working conditions. Electronic sensor has rapid reaction and can show overload immediately. It also endures accuracy and delay of the traditional hydraulic meter’s indication. It solve the matter to depend the operator to calculate the torque and force by the equipment’s switch directive



Project Unit Parameter
Type Volvo TAD1345VE
Rated power (kW/r/min) 2×394/1800
Max thrust-pull force (kN) 5000
thrust-pull speed (m/min) 28
Torque (N·m) 160000
Max spindle speed (r/min) 90
Mud pump
Max Flow rate (L/min) 外接
Max pressure (MPa) 20
Pipe (mm×m) φ168×9.6
Loader Crane
Lifting weight (t) 5
Loading capacity (t•m) 12.5
Max inclination angle (°) 16
Max backreamer diameter (mm) φ2000
Weight (t) 55
Dimension (mm) 18240×3000×3600
Remark Indepengent power station.Optional:Split type operating room.

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