• LW600KN

    Rated operating load:6000kg

    Bucket capacity:3.0-4.5m3

    Machine weight:20000±300kg

  • LW900KN

    Rated bucket capacity:5m3

    Rated load:9000kg

    Operating weight:29500kg


  • LW300FN

    Rated operating load:3000kg

    Bucket capacity:1.5-2.5m3

    Machine weight:10600±200kg


  • ZL50GN

    Rated operating load:5000kg

    Bucket capacity:2.5-4.5m3

    Machine weight:17500±300kg


  • SD13-2

    D13 bulldozer adopts hydraulic drive and operation mode, featuring advanced and reasonable overall structure and good performances. This series bulldozer features moderate power, high technologic extent, and extensive application scope and is deeply favored by extensive users.

    Engine power: 130hp/1400rpm

    Operating weight of whole machine: 13700kg

  • SD32-8

    Use weight (kg):39000

    Ground specific pressure (MPa):0.107

    Climbing performance (degree):30

  • STR13

    Engine power: 95.5kw/1900rpm

    Weight of the whole machine: 13700 kg

    Single shovel capacity: 3.7m3

  • STR16

    Outline size (mm):5845×3020×3030

    Engine type:WD10

    Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm):120/1850


    Grounding Specific Voltage (MPa):0.027

    Length * width * height (mm):5262×4150×3074

  • SD10YE/SD10YS

    Weight of the whole machine: 9.2T 9.5T

    Engine power/speed: 80kW/2200rpm

    Spade capacity: 2.38m3 2.66m3

  • SD13YE

    Net power/rated speed: 97/2200 kW/rpm

    Spade capacity: 3.07m3   3.39m3   7.3m3

  • DH17

    Engine Power:127Kw

    Operating Weight:17500kg

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