Digphragm wall grab XDZ220/70-5


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1. Mature transducer controlled drive is electromotor start and protected makes the machine stably load. No electric and mechanical impact to electrified wire netting and drilling pipe equipment during starting, working and parking.

2. Two or three constant power motor driving power unit can achieve strong torque and overload capacity through high strength, stable and intense epicyclic gearbox as well as main drive gear box.

3. Specially designed multiple seal structure effectively solve the problem of mud leakage, reduce maintenance consumption and prolong service life.

4. Specially designed impact resistant drilling pipes; pipes joints is intelligently manufactured which can be connected and disconnected easily, makes pipe connecting easy especially for deep drills. Huge middle axis is available for choice.

5. Advanced drilling tools. Specially designed hard alloy cutting bit ensures high drilling efficiency and durability.

6. Automatic testing electrical system offers easy failure investigation.


Project Unit Parameter
Working parameter
Drilling diameter (mm) Φ700×5
Drill pipe center distance (mm) 480×480×480×480
Max. drilling depth (m) 30
Main data
Rated speed (r/min) 18.2
Rated torque (kN.m) 23
Power parameter
Rated power (kW) 150(110×2)
Drill pipe parameter
Drill pipe diameter (mm) Φ219
Drill pipe length of basic (m) 3、5、8
Drill pipe condition Hexagon、Bolt
Assembly parameter
Center distance (mm) 900
Guide rail center distance (mm) 600×Φ120
Number of pulley 6
Diameter of wire rope (mm) Φ22
Operation mode Electric control
Weight parameter
Overall weight (t) 40

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